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Air Freight

As one of the quality air freight service providers in China, we offer the most efficient and effective service. From single to consolidate... more+

Shipping to Amazon FBA

As the increasing popularity of the Amazon, more and more international sellers prefer to import goods from China and ship to Amazon FBA around the world.... more+

Door to Door

We at Chinaasefreight understand your shipping and freight needs with our experience and expertise. We have ensured that you get the best door to door service so that shipment becomes a lot easier for you than ever before.... more+

Warehouse Service

To meet all our customers' warehousing needs, Ase Freight offers secure and dependable packaging, storage, and delivery services.... more+
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China freight

The importance of a freight forwarder should be clearly understood when importing from China. A freight forwarder will make your shipping much easier. The forwarder will work on your behalf to relieve you of all the worries related to freight and shipping from the Chinese supplier to your destination.

China Sea shipping

There are mainly two seasons when ocean shipping costs escalates. These seasons are - the holiday retail peak season bump. This season starts in mid-August and lasts up to mid-October. The second mini peak season is in January/February when demand rises due to Chinese New Year. Because the supplies are lower due to high seasonal demand, prices spike. Container capacity during these seasons becomes scare, which puts pressure on the supply chain. This, in turn, gives rise to China Sea shipping freight prices.
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