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Air Freight

Things to consider when finding the right China air freight forwarder

An air freight forwarder can help you in many ways when importing goods from China. There are many companies who serve as freight forwarder but not all of them may be equally useful. A main role of the forwarder is to fetch goods from your supplier’s place and move the cargo to your basement or warehouse.

Here are some key tips to get services of the right China air freight forwarder

Where is the forwarder based?

Make sure that your China freight forwarder has base in both your country and China. Such a forwarder will have all the resources that are required for end to end supply chain. You should work with an experienced professional who understands the complications of local custom proceedings and importing rules, and who can speak your language.

Get a resourceful forwarder

Find out if your China air freight forwarder has representative in your country and China both. A local contact of the forwarder is important to have for transparency of the cargo movements and procedures. If you can directly access the staff of your forwarder in China, it will help you resolve many issues on time. You can then manage the whole cargo shipping to reduce risks.

Enquire from customers

To find out if a freight forwarder is the right one to hire, look for some customer references. There are many shady companies in this field.  If a forwarder company is big, that does not automatically makes it good. So, ask some customers about their experience with the forwarder you intend to hire, and go for the company that many recommend.

Quality of packaging

Enquire about the quality of packaging also. Some Chinese forwarder use cheap material for packaging of goods. The export packaging must be properly packed to reduce the risk from any damage during loading, unloading and anywhere else. The forwarder should be sending the photos of your cargo when getting it from your supplier or manufacturer. Repacking facility should also be available if required.

Get an air freight specialist

Some multiple freight forwarders handle both the air and sea shipments. But that increases their workload and they may not be paying adequate attention to your cargo. There is a lot of documentation, sampling, and other procedures involved in shipping. So, find out a forwarder who specializes in air freight forwarding business and is focused in this field.



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