Pick only need based cargo shipping company and services

Pick only need based cargo shipping company and services

When you wish to import goods from China and other countries, you must pay heed to the shipping
services available in the freight market. You can then handle your transportation requirement in a
judicious manner. You are also able to lower your overall costs which ultimately results in better profit
margin. Proper shipping process and selection of right shopping service is essential to lowering your
costs, fast handling of shipments, and better operating efficiency.

Wide range of shipping services

Many shipping services are available to the modern customers to match with specific transportation
requirements. It may be that your shipping needs are met with only a few services and others are not
that essential. So, pick your requirements of the services after evaluating your transportation needs. For
example, you are a small business owner and require some electronic items immediately. In that case,
you should opt for China air shipping services to get the supply in a few hours. But if you can wait for
many days or a month, you can opt for the sea route.

1. Forwarding – A forwarder will take responsible for most of your transportation needs

2. Clearance – Getting your goods cleared from the custom authorities

3. Warehousing – Keep your valuable and perishable goods in warehouse for transportation when you

4. GOH - Air and Sea – Shipping of your garments on hangers safely and securely.

5. Distribution – Distribution of your goods properly

6. Sea, land, Air and Multi-modal freight – Providing many models of different shipping charges

7. Chartering of flights and vessels – Offering proper chartering services for shipment

8. Vendor and Purchase Order Management – To ensure that your product is purchase and processed on time

9. Buyers Consolidation – To bundle all products and orders into one dedicated FCL container

10. Project Management – Efficient management of the shipping project

11. Track & Trace – Track the progress of your shipment

12. Site and Transport Analysis – Precise assessment of the transportation site

13. MIS – All the essential Marine Information Services

These are the key services that a cargo shipping company provides to its customers. You should be
calculative in analyzing the advantages of each such service. This way, you can extract maximum
benefits from the services.

Either you are importing through air freight or you opt for China Sea shipping, make sure that the
forwarding company is willing to provide you these services. Make sure that you compare the pricing to
settle at competitive offers. The shipment company should be following a timely schedule and has the
ability to co-ordinate pickups for shipments.

The cargo shipping company must also be equipped for sending you pre alerts regarding shipments. It
should be able to handle your documents promptly on shipment. The company should also be having a
good relationship with all the concerned authorities such as agents and consolidators as well as with
major airlines.