Silent features of China air cargo services and advantages

Silent features of China air cargo services and advantages

Air cargo is known for its key advantages for shipping a cargo. When it comes to shipping a cargo from
China to your warehouse, you should be researching the cargo market. You should research the market
for cost of shipping, insurance, varied custom procedures etc.

Key advantages

One of the reasons you should prefer shipping through China air cargo is that it is surely the fastest
transportation mode. You can get the delivery in a few hours only whereas it takes around a month to
receive goods through sea route. Add to that some more days to complete the formalities. So, when you
need the goods immediately to take advantage of low prices and want to make big profit, prefer air
cargo services. You also are able to save your precious time. Considering this, it would be wise to get a
small percentage of your goods quickly through air cargo for its trading, while you can get rest of the
deliveries later from sea route. This is the strategy many small businesses adopt.

Air cargo is also a good option when you want to minimize the processing time and formalities. Most of
the Chine air cargo service providers follow standard procedure for transporting the goods.

Who should opt for air cargo?

Considering the advantages such as quick delivery of goods, low costs and less formalities, some
businesses benefit more from air cargo option. These businesses include jewelry, plastic products, and
wristwatches etc. These are high value shipments. The volume of these shipments is also generally low.
So, to make most of the shipments, and better profit margin, prefer air cargo.

Avail services of air freight forwarder

A better way to handle your China air freight delivery needs is to get the services of air freight
forwarder. The forwarder will manage your requirements of logistics and will get you attractive
discounts. The forwarders have connections with the concern authorities, which you can explore to your
advantage. In fact, a freight forwarder will do paperwork and all the administration and currency related
work on your behalf. This makes your shipment a lot easier.

Types of air cargos

Air cargo is usually of two types – general and special. General cargo is the most frequently used mode
of air transportation. You should get your regular business goods like jewelry, electronics etc from
general air cargo. Around 40% of the value of the global air cargo transportation takes place through the
general cargo.

Special air cargo is used when there are some goods that need special conditions and care. Some goods
need refrigeration and freezing, and temperature control during the course of transportation. Perishable
goods are usually transported through special air cargo. However, it is to be noted that not every airline
agrees to send goods such as electric board, lithium battery toys, power bank, power supply, air bag etc.
So, keep this distinction in mind.

Overall, China air shipping is an ideal transportation mode when it comes to importing of goods in quick
time and to reduce the costs. This mode is known for high value-to- weight. But make sure that you pay
attention to virtually each aspect of the air cargo services.