China freight

The importance of a freight forwarder should be clearly understood when importing from China. A freight forwarder will make your shipping much easier. The forwarder will work on your behalf to relieve you of all the worries related to freight and shipping from the Chinese supplier to your destination.

China Sea shipping

There are mainly two seasons when ocean shipping costs escalates. These seasons are - the holiday retail peak season bump. This season starts in mid-August and lasts up to mid-October. The second mini peak season is in January/February when demand rises due to Chinese New Year. Because the supplies are lower due to high seasonal demand, prices spike. Container capacity during these seasons becomes scare, which puts pressure on the supply chain. This, in turn, gives rise to China Sea shipping freight prices.

China ocean shipping

If you are aware of the ways to lowering ocean shipping costs, you can earn good profit margin on the goods you import from China. Remember that even the cheapest quote may not necessarily help you ensure better overall cost savings. It is also to be noted that ocean freight costs does not mean that it solely consists of sea fright. There is much more involved in overall cost of importing of goods. Here are some of the key points to consider for lowering your China ocean shipping costs.

Pick only need based cargo shipping company and services

When you wish to import goods from China and other countries, you must pay heed to the shipping services available in the freight market. You can then handle your transportation requirement in a judicious manner.

Consider these tips to safely deliver your goods using China ocean shipping

Transportation through ocean shipping is a cost-effective means of delivering of goods to longer destinations. But make sure that goods are safe and secure during the long journey. Any potential damage to the products you are dispatching can be rejected by the importer.

Key Advantages of Exploring China Air Cargo Option for Imports

Air cargo is one of the best options when it comes to bringing a cargo from a factory floor in China to your warehouse. The cargo will be delivered to its final destination in a matter of few days. But is air cargo a viable option in all circumstances? The answer is no.

Key reasons why you need a local freight forwarder in China

When importing from china business owners first find out a freight broker in own country or nearby. It is an easier task to have access to the broker. The main job of many of these brokers is to handle your goods delivery

How to Lower Your China ocean freight costs

When importing goods from China, make sure that you have a sound understanding of their ocean freight costs. This will help you gaining larger margins. Remember that sometimes even the cheapest quote is not a guarantee to the best overall cost savings.

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