China air cargo

China air cargo

Key beneficial features of China air cargo

Businesses have mainly land, sea and air routes to explore as shipping options. While land and sea routs have their own advantages, in many situations air cargo is the best option that businesses should go for. Here are some of the key reasons that you should opt for China air cargo when importing your goods from the country.

The fastest mode of transportation

The first and foremost consideration for importing your goods through air cargo is that it is the fastest means of transportation. You save a lot of your valuable time. Usually, sear freight takes a month for delivering of goods from port to port. If the destination is too long, additional days will be taken for goods to reach the address.
But air cargo will send goods to a port destination in a matter of few hours. Then, it may take only a few more days before goods finally reach to the address. So, you get the goods in a few days. This is the reasons that 30% of the world cargo, in terms of total value, is delivered through air.

An easy process

Generally, China air cargo process is easy and simple. This is because a set high standard of procedures are followed which means that there is almost no involvement of the importer. Moreover, you can track your air cargo in real time using your online platforms. You can thus get real time information of your goods about its current location and status.

Simple shipping process

China air cargo is easy and simple to process. First, the cargo will be delivered to an airport in China. There is no buyer involvement required here. Then, the freight company will handle the clearance for the export of goods. Here also buyer is not involved. After the cargo is loaded on the airplane, it is flown to the destination airport. Then at the time of final delivery to the consignee address, the payment of custom fees and taxes is made.

A key feature of this process is that the buyer is not involved at any stage during the air cargo delivery process.

Right option for high value goods

Air cargo is surely expensive as compared to sea and land cargo shipping. But you should go for China air cargo when you must get the goods as early as possible to earn more profit margins. It is a perfect shipping medium for high value, high density and low volume cargo. Select the air cargo option when your cargo volume is more than 0.5 cubic meters or the weight is above 150 kgs.

So, if you want to import product samples, electronics items, jewelry, wristwatches, and plastic products, air cargo is the best option.

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