Smooth and Hassle Free Delivery

At ASE Freight we offer timely and on-point delivery to Amazon FBA around the globe so that you get all the time and peace of mind to focus more on your business.

Professional Service

Sending shipment is not an easy task, but at the ASE Freight our professional team ensures that each cargo reaches its destination in a perfect condition.

Competitive Pricing

Make your Amazon FBA business more profitable with our competitive pricing. Avail quality service at affordable price.

We Have A Solution For Every
Shipping Challenge

Sea Freight

Amazon sellers love sea freight for shipping cargo of any size due to its cost-effective nature. We provide both FCL and LCL option to meet seller’s demand.

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Air Freight

Want to deliver something urgently to Amazon FBA? Rely on our air freight service to meet urgent shipping requirements.

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Warehousing & Distribution

Keep your inventory ready in our warehouse, enjoy our storage network for stacking up the goods.

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Customs Brokerage

Our customs brokerage service ensures that goods get clearance through customs.

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Cargo Insurance

We provide an effective cargo insurance plan to Amazon sellers. It is a small step to safeguard their investment from any kind of losses that may hit in the form of damage or theft.

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Cargo Consolidation

We are ready to pick goods from different points and shipping them all in a single shipment just to save your time and money.

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We make shipping more fun

Ship your goods from China to Amazon FBA in an easy way with ASE Freight. Rely on our expertise, experience, and exposure to shipping goods in a more reliable way.

We take guarantee to ship your goods to Amazon FBA with minimum risk. Request a quote and learn how our smart shipping to Amazon FBA solution can facilitate your business.

FBA Prep And Inspection

We follow Amazon’s rules related to the FBA program with utmost care. Our well-informed counsel to seller prevents them from sanctions on your Amazon account, negative ratings, or fines.

FNSKU Labeling

We provide FNSKU labeling service for identification of each item in the Amazon warehouse as per Amazon's request.

Additional Labeling

Each unit must have a label displaying company logo, production & expiration dates, and safety labels as per the norms.

Poly Bag

Each item, consolidated or unit wise must be properly sealed and packed in a poly bag for the safety.


We can remove the old packaging and can re-package the items in new packaging as per client’s requirement.


We can re-box all the units and items as per amazon’ guideline.

Open Package Product Inspection

We open and check the units to ensure that none of the units contain illegal items.

Product Testing

We inspect the packaging to ensure that the products are as per quality norms set by the Amazon.


We offer professional photography as well. Choose our photography service to give more credibility to your business and confidence to the buyers.

We Take Care Of The Details

So You Can Focus On Your Business Success

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Transportation Services (Destination)


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We understand your priorities and work according to them by offering you the most efficient solutions. Here are a few reviews posted by our valuable clients.

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