Shipping On-Time

Shipping from China to Netherlands is on-time and in secure way after customs clearance and all other formalities. We accumulate cargo, pack them, warehousing and then deliver in secure way.

Trusted and Secure

Your cargo and products are in safe hands and delivered with assured safety. China ASE Freight is your trusted partner for all your cargo delivery needs.

24x7 Support

You need not worry about anything. Stay focused on your business operations rather than shipping. We offer 24x7 support.

Shipping from China to Netherlands – Hassle-free and Easy Now!

China ASE Freight is your trusted partner offering you shipping from China to Netherlands. We offer complete shipping solutions from China to Netherlands through all modes of possible transport.

Sea Freight

One of the secure ways of freight forwarding is sea freight from China to Netherlands. You can send shipment to Netherlands or ensuring on-time delivery of your consignment that is made easier through reliable sea freight services.

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Air Freight

Well connectivity of flights (both cargo and passenger) from China to Netherlands makes air freight secure and reliable. China ASE Freight offers you air freight to ensure your consignment will be delivered on time and in secure way.

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Warehousing & Distribution

You need not worry about the products, machinery or anything you purchase from manufacturers in China. We offer you warehousing and distribution services to ensure your cargo is in safe hands and secure. Our warehousing & distribution process is easy and hassle-free.

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Customs Brokerage Netherlands

For custom brokerage solutions, you need not worry as we have a team of professionals offering you customs brokerage solutions. We have a pool of multilingual professionals, who ensure precise customs brokerage solutions to Netherlands.

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Cargo Insurance

Safety and security of your important cargo is important. We ensure it is in safe hands and safe all the time. Cargo insurance is the source of providing you complete peace of mind. We offer you cargo insurance coverage for all your cargo to protect it from physical damage, loss and theft.

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Cargo Consolidation

No need to worry about collection of products and machinery or material from different manufacturers and suppliers. We offer you cargo consolidation services offered on time and in secure way. We offer cargo consolidation services to streamline the shipping process to Netherlands.

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Shipping to Amazon FBA

For all your shipping needs from China to Netherlands – directly to Amazon Warehouse, we offer you complete solutions. Our pool of experts has been working dedicatedly with expertise in shipping to Amazon FBA from China to Netherlands. Our services are offered to provide better support to Amazon sellers in Managing their inventory in easy way and without worrying about anything.

  • Labeling Services
  • Packaging Services
  • Cargo Inspection
  • Product Photography

Our Shipping from China to Netherlands is hassle-free and costs lower than your expectations.

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Hassle-Free Freight Forwarding in Easy Way

Delivering consignment in easy and hassle-free way is important and focusing on timely delivery is much more important than anything else. We offer you freight forwarding services through shipping from China to Netherlands – provided in hassle-free way. A pool of experts - multilingual professionals has been working to make freight forwarding easier and hassle-free – mainly to manage all transportation, customs clearance, documentation and cargo consolidate needs on your behalf to let you focus on other parts of business. It is easy to send your consignment to Netherlands from China. We also provide you with precise solutions for DHL China to Netherlands. Our China to Netherlands shipping cost and time is secure for consignment delivery.

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On-Time Secure Logistics Operations

No other thing can be more important than on-time and secure delivery of your consignment in hassle-free way. We at China ASE Freight ensure hassle-free and on-time secure logistics operations. Shipping from China is done in secure way to manage all the transactions, customs clearance and documentation on your behalf and giving you a peace of mind. We offer a well-strategic logistic operation process and ensure sending shipment to Netherlands is easy.

We Take Care Of The Details

We ensure timely delivery and shipping from China to Netherlands in your budget and in easy way. You have to call our experts and stay relaxed about consignment delivery. A process is followed to make shipping easier.

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